Workmetrics: Creating AI Technologies for HR and Safety

A business is only as fast as its data. Workmetrics has created a number of technologies focused on making fast data decision making. Helping HR departments and safety speed up access to important decision making data.

Applying AI to Skills Gaps Discovery
AI is emerging as a technology driving change in HR departments is skill gap analysis. Workmetrics has created technology that helps workplaces discover skill gaps automatically using AI. What learning opportunities are there for employees, contractors and visitors? Using AI, skills gaps can be automatically discovered across the employees time with your organisation or a contractors time on the job with automatic assignment of suitable courses to ensure these gaps are filled.

Training Data
AI learns through the use of training data. Workmetrics implemented AI powered technology that allows organisations to automatically analyse their training data to improve the learning and training and inductions of their active workforce.

Verification of materials using AI
Another area of AI at Workmetrics is verification. Using AI technologies, verification of licenses, training and certifications can be automated and enable workplaces to have more confidence in the materials their workforce is providing to them. By establishing automatic checks using AI, it can lead to massive amounts of time being saved reviewing and verifying materials provided by contractors or employees.

Speed of access to information
A final area is speed of access to information and materials. Using AI, organisations can empower their workforce to pin point information, materials, resources, content, documentation and other workplace know how faster and more quickly in response to natural language questions. This can help immensely in bringing further and faster awareness to workplace risks and hazards that contractors and employees need access to and information that is constantly changing and evolving.

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