Dr Jeremy Nunn

Dr Jeremy Nunn is Founder and CEO of workforce software technology company Work Metrics, best known for establishing OnlineInduction.com and IncidentReport.net which are used to manage over 300,000 organisations across the world for workplace inductions, incident reporting, employee, contractor and visitor management with over 3,000,000 users globally.

With a Doctorate of IT and a Master of Science from Murdoch University, over 24 years experience and regularly writes on Forbes about disruptive innovation and technology growth, Jeremy has become a go to person in a wide spectrum of technology areas, issues, advisory and innovations especially around data integration, search and artificial intelligence (AI).

Jeremy is a board member of the ISA advocating a shared vision of values amongst a network of organizations who believe in our charter and goal of ethical conduct, he's also a committee member of the Australian Computer Society Standards Australia committee on Innovation Management and is the current Vice President of the Citizen Advocacy Perth, a not for profit that promotes, facilitates and supports advocacy for people with disabilities.

Jeremy was a Business News 40 under 40 winner in 2014, his company also named a Telstra Business Awards winner (WA) in 2019, an Extreme Tech Challenge top 25 finalist (OnlineInduction.com in 2016) and one of the Top 200 Westpac Businesses of Tomorrow.

Projects Past and Present:


Mars Rover Design Team

Perth Zoo

Clean Up Australia Day

Products developed:

Contractor Management Software

Visitor Sign in System

Injury Management Software

Incident Reporting System

New Employee Induction

Permit to Work Software

Skills Matrix

Contractor Induction

Induction Checklist

Onboarding Program

Inductions Microsoft Store app

Incident Reporting Microsoft Store app

Supplier Management System

Safety Induction

Training Matrix

Induction Program

Online Onboarding

Hazard Reporting

Transaction Trust

Incident Report


Towards a unified methodology for supporting the integration of data sources for use in web applications.
PhD thesis, Murdoch University. (2016)

Masters dissertation: Enhancing knowledge management through the use of web applications (2010).
Master of Science in Information Technology, Murdoch University

Contributor Profiles:

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Medium contributor page

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